Bid on my Vlieger & Vandam Guardian Angel Classic Small Gun Bag

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Pornhub titles always lack depth & imagination. Yes, we know college girl is trying anal for 1st time.. but what’s her major? her dreams?

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Oh, what’s a matter baby?  You said you wanted to try anal, you wanted anal so bad you were willing to let me do anything, so, take it baby, take it all, what was it you said to me yesterday, oh right, you will get used to it and learn to love it.  Yes you will cause I know I am.

OUTTAKE: Sayaka Maruyama and Tomihiro Kono shoot beauty with Katerina @ Premier for MOTHER. Make Up by Martina Luisetti @The Book Agency using MAC.

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I made a new blog :[

sorry if I’m so inactive in this one

i’ll try to keep up w/both


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wow, I sometimes forget… boys are fucking retarded.

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I have a derm appointment w/a really good dr on Jan the 27th but I wish it was sooner because my skin is literally turning to shit

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I’m starting to realize looks don’t matter anymore

all that matters is what comes out of a persons mouth- it reveals whats in their, mind, soul and heart.

and what you hear from their mouth is either proven or disproven by their actions.

looks are the shell, a facade, unimportant.

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"Hey-Hello, Hello there, HI. You’re sexy! wow, you are sexy. Hi, I’m from LA. I make $50,000 a year just by surfing, yeah I make all that. What’s your name?"

"I have a boyfriend" -avoids eye contact-

"Ok, well just want to let you know you are sexy" -takes drag from cig-

Weird white guy (possibly homeless) approaches me out of no where to hit on me while I wait for the train.


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My loneliness can’t even be described: I’ve forgotten how to talk, and I surprise myself even if I accidentally say a loud word. For going on four weeks now I haven’t heard my own voice. Fyodor Dostoevsky in a letter to his wife, Anna Dostoevskaya, 28 August 1879 (via ivankaramazovs)

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Y.A.L.A. - open your eyes.
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